A Project Sold Out

A Project Sold OutBeing able to announce a project has been sold out is the highlight of what I get to do. For us this happens a little more than one’s birthday, but the more you have of them unlike birthdays the more you want.

We were tasked by Cove Properties to re-position the Silverleaf at Jubilee Park project in Spruce Grove back in 2014. Fresh marketing and push to build the awareness around the Jubilee Park in Spruce Grove was what we knew needed to be done. New ads and fresh photos can’t do this alone, it took months to get those already living in this community to come visit this new park, you’d be amazed just because a city is small doesn’t mean everyone knows every new amenity. With the events and being on site slowly the message got out. We had so much fun with this project going against the norms of when to be open. Colleen would frequently be onsite some weekends at 9 for the early morning walkers and even weeknights in the summer to 10… when people were out exploring. Frequently people would pop in, surprised we were open but it allowed for a slower paced tour and conversation, many new friendships were built this way. We were able to sell out the units we had at that time until the next batch were built. We then were brought back in the summer of 2016 to sell out the last homes.

Silverleaf was sold one relationship at a time. The smaller the urban centre the more important each relationship is and like with Silverleaf, our customers became our best brand ambassadors to tell the story of this project to their friends. Cove Properties is an exceptional developer in Alberta, one we value as we know the commitment to the long term is what our developer partner values most. With thousands and thousands of units built and sold, the success of their brand was echoed today while Clay Hamdon the President of Cove Properties and I took our photo and walked the project on this rather warm December day. “We built something nice here, each time I walk through here I realize year after year how nice this project will still look”… when a developer takes pride in what a community will look like long after the developer is gone, you know you have someone you want to stand with. Learn more about Cove at

Robert F. McLeod, CEO & Founder, McLeod Project Marketing