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Our Process - McLeod Project Marketing

A large part of the McLeod Project Marketing process is to offer our services throughout the entirety of a project. We actively assist from the beginning to the end — from even before your land assembly, to selling or leasing the final unit. And industry veteran Robert F. McLeod is there to consult at every step.

In many cases we begin by assisting developers with the land assembly assembling the team of professionals — putting the deal together. In other cases a developer is already far along the process and the discussion of marketing has been put off for too long. We’re here to solve that. Based in Edmonton, we know how the city is expanding and what areas are the up-and-coming hotspots that are sure to see population growth, we gather market intelligence daily so you don’t have to.

This benefits our marketing, as we take into account demographics and psychographics, which influences the overall project style. As we become experts in the project’s target audience, we then create the personality or brand of the building: We identify the perfect name, image, and mediums in which to market (digital, social media, traditional, etc.) — all of which are built to correspond to that target audience.

We then launch our advertising campaign. Our marketing process, known as the MICA Method®. Our system is composed of several pliable steps that can flex to fit with each project.

M = MASTER your market
I = INTEGRATE marketing and sales
C = COMMUNICATE correctly
A = ASSESS, again and again

Our team of many industry veterans brings this package together to be responsive, innovative and to empower the market to respond to your development. Next steps, and where it counts… we then manage the entire process. Our sales & leasing teams regularly reports to our marketing department on how to alter our advertising, based on how successful we are in selling the project. This communication occurs throughout every stage, and we include our developers as well. We then manage the project until it’s completely sold or leased out. Time and time again, our system has proven to be efficient and effective. It begins with a coffee, reach out to us, we would love to hear from you.

“At the end of the day, it’s pretty simple: McLeod Project Marketing gives me results. Everyone else just gives me excuses.”

— Walter Moore, Moore Capital (Alberta) Ltd., Calgary, Alberta.

The huge banner hanging on the side of Trinity Pointe condos read, “Edmonton on the Rise.” It was a warm day in the spring of 2011. Since the economic crash three years earlier, Edmonton had been afraid to emerge from the recession. But the banner of four words, written by McLeod Project Marketing, captured what the city wanted most to hear — that the time of hiding was over, and Edmonton could return to its natural pulse. On that warm spring day, the same day the sales centre opened, there was a line out the door. And McLeod Project Marketing sold out Trinity Pointe ten days after.

McLeod Project Marketing began selling and marketing multifamily projects in Edmonton in 2005. We have sold over 1500 new condo units and 390 resale condos for a total value of nearly one billion dollars, we have also marketed hundreds of brand new rental apartments. In the past six years alone we‘ve brought developers over $750 million in successfully completed real-estate transactions.

MPM takes its name from principal partner Robert F. McLeod. Robert has been recognized by Re/Max as one of its top 100 lifetime producers from the firm’s history of over 986,000 agents. The integration of the experience — combining sales and marketing in one firm — created a one-of-a-kind skill set in Edmonton.

We also believe in nurturing new developers, bringing up the next generation of builders and industry leaders. Because when you succeed, so does our city.

McLeod Project Marketing is proud to help raise the profile of Edmonton’s housing industry, and we believe in making Edmonton’s market one of the healthiest real-estate economies in Canada.

“The difference between using and not using Mr. McLeod is the difference between us posting a profit or suffering a loss. We’re 100% certain if it wasn’t for Mr. McLeod we’d not be developing in the Edmonton Marketplace.”

— Dale Williams, General Manager of Futura Financial, Surrey, British Columbia

McLeod Project Marketing has provided consulting services and their expertise to the following companies:

  • Abbey Lane Homes
  • Amacon
  • Bancorp Financial Services
  • BCM Developments
  • Beljan Development
  • Cameron Developments
  • Castle Developments
  • Cove Properties
  • Columbia Avenue Developments
  • CWB (Canadian Western Bank)
  • Deloitte
  • Futura Services
  • Jayman Homes
  • Lamont Land
  • Maclab Enterprises
  • Nearctic Group
  • Pinnacle International
  • Reidbuilt Homes
  • Ridge Development
  • WAM Development Group
  • Westrich Pacific

A sales team without a marketing department doesn’t have the experience to keep their advertising consistent, or to fully brand their project.

A marketing team without sales feedback won’t know if their marketing is effective. They’re blind to opportunities to better engage their audience, and they may prioritize interesting advertising over advertising that sells.

McLeod Project Marketing is the only real estate marketing firm in Edmonton with an integrated sales and marketing team that meets on a weekly basis. This keeps our branding consistent and allows us to nimbly respond to market fluctuations. The result is responsive campaigns that meet the unique needs of each project.

McLeod Project Marketing offers several other benefits:

  • We are Edmonton based. That means we know the city, its demographics, and how to reach our target audience.
  • The McLeod Report — an overview of every project in the Edmonton area that’s in the pre-construction, construction, and completed phase — that’s released twice yearly to provide insight into local absorption trends and changes to product type/mix, enabling the reader to better forecast their own project.
  • We have developed software that shows our developers the project’s sales progress in real time
  • MPM has also developed budget tracking software so we know exactly where we are with our spending.
  • All our decisions are based on measurable results.

“The marketing plans were professional, informed, creative, and well-implemented… reporting, communication, skills, ideas, organization and execution were excellent. Most importantly, they produced impressive results.”

— Marianne Dobslaw, former Vice-President, Bancorp Financial Services Inc., Vancouver, BC